Legal Tips

Could You Sue a Neighbor Over a Boundary Dispute?

Dealing with a boundary dispute is a relatively common issue for many landowners. Unfortunately, if you’ve already tried talking it out with your neighbor, but he or she still doesn’t want to cooperate with you, or…

When Dogs Bite: Legal Tip

Known as “man’s best friend”, dogs hold a special place in many people’s hearts. They keep people company, offer unconditional love and guard homes. While most dogs would never hurt anyone, animals can sometimes be…

3 Tips to a Stress-Free Divorce

Many couples who have been through and are still in the process of a divorce would agree that it’s not easy. It’s a huge emotional distress, especially when there are kids involved. Divorce that’s taking…

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Different Types of Appeal

If someone has applied for a UK visa and been refused, the next stage may be an appeal. There are often time limits for appeal and these are usually laid out in the refusal letter….