Should You Get a Divorce or Annulment?

Annulment and divorce are legal procedures used for dissolving a marriage. The primary difference between the two is that annulment nullifies a marriage, making it seem as if there was no marriage to begin with. A divorce, on…

3 Characteristics of the Best Divorce Lawyers

No one wants to experience all the pain and difficulty of divorce. There are few things more painful than having to end a relationship that was once full of love, compassion, and understanding. When it…

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Legal Means of Dealing with Online Defamation

When online reviewers scrutinize your business through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, the Federal Trade Commission could intervene in the matter. While in most cases this works against a business establishment, the…

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What You Should Know Before Becoming a Lawyer

There are quite a few students who have freshly graduated from high school, aspiring to enter college and become a successful lawyer one day.  Being a lawyer is a challenging and rewarding job, but there…

Is There a Way to Friendly End a Marriage?

While many of us hope for a fairytale love story, it is more of a reality that some marriages end in divorce. The good news is marriage dissolution doesn’t have to get messy or ugly….

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Different Types of Appeal

If someone has applied for a UK visa and been refused, the next stage may be an appeal. There are often time limits for appeal and these are usually laid out in the refusal letter….