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And The Money Kept Rolling Out

The dissipation of marital assets is a legal ground for divorce in many states and territories. It means one spouse is using the couple’s common funds irresponsibly or without the knowledge or consent of the…

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Approaching Divorce Mediation Effectively

Many divorcing parents use the process of mediation to resolve their differences and eventually lessen the scars of the long and grueling battle. To develop a parenting plan for their kids after divorce, most parents…

ISP Seeks Sanctions Against Piracy Monitoring Firm

If the new plea wins, things could get pretty expensive for piracy monitoring company Rightscorp. Texas-based Internet service provider, Grande Communications, filed a legal advisory to the district court of Western Texas directed against Rightscorp….

Supreme Court Dismisses Judge Over Online Comments

The state Supreme Court of Arkansas dismissed a judge for publishing inappropriate comments online and leaking confidential information about an adoption petition filed by actress Charlize Theron. Faulkner County Circuit Judge Michael Maggio lost his…